President’s Message

(From the Fall 2018 Newsletter)

Dear SHS members and friends,

As a lover of history in all its forms and a 15-year resident of the town of Sudbury, I am honored and humbled to serve as the new President of the SHS Board of Trustees. The honor is clear, Sudbury is an amazing community with a long and rich history. From its history of pre-European-contact indigenous life to the important role played by its residents in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to the leadership and talents of its 20th century inhabitants, much exists to uncover, share, and preserve. For this reason, I take the responsibility seriously and am humbled by what it entails.

Preserving and sharing Sudbury’s history in a manner deserving of its depth and complexity can be a challenge in today’s changing world. It is not enough for historical societies to merely collect and house items of historical significance. To foster support, the public needs to be reminded of the value of local history and shown its relevance. Additionally, our community, and by extension its history going forward, is rapidly changing. Like many suburbs, Sudbury is no longer a quiet agricultural town with generations of families staying and returning to live where they grew up. New families from near and far are moving to our town to take advantage of all that we to offer. These issues remain front and center in my mind as we look toward showcasing the SHS collection in what will be the Sudbury History Center. Our new facility will allow us to better represent the known past to those familiar with Sudbury’s history and properly unveil it to those unaware of it dimensions.

As an educator and researcher, program design sits near and dear to my heart. In addition to our traditional Sunday afternoon programming, we have some interesting and new programs planned that we hope you will try. Some, like our civics enrichment program, are geared toward young people, but others are discussion based and focus on fostering community dialogue. Our goal is the participation of our traditional membership, but the engagement of new audiences, so please spread the word and encourage your friends and neighbors to get involved.

In the coming months we will share updates on programs, events, and, of course, the Loring Parsonage renovations. If you would like to get involved in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Katina Fontes

Katina reading for SHSKatina Fontes is the current President of the Sudbury Historical Society Board of Trustees and a doctoral student in Educational Studies at Lesley University, where she also teaches in the Graduate School of Education. 

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