SHS Receives Historic New England Community Preservation Grant

Historic NE certificateThe Sudbury Historical Society has been selected as one of six  Historic New England Community Preservation Grant recipients!  A check was presented to us at our November 4th Carding Mill program and will be used to provide a stipend to an archivist to rehouse and organize our art collection and assess our future storage and preservation needs.

Art Cart Image
Current state of our art collection.

As we prepare to move our collections to the Sudbury History Center, we desperately need the services and advice of a professional knowledgeable in archival and curatorial best practices. For months we have been sorting through boxes and files and have found several damaged items. Moving to a new facility next year will improve our ability to care for and preserve our artifacts and documents (Loring Parsonage renovations include a modern heating and cooling system and designated spaces for archives and special collections). And while the SHS is fortunate to have a new place to house and showcase our treasures, the presence of a professionally trained archivist on site, if only for the short term, will add incredible value.

The SHS is thankful for this opportunity from Historic New England. We are a growing and evolving organization that appreciates any and all support.

(Written by Katina Fontes)



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