Why we do what we do…

Fall leaves photoThe beauty of New England in the fall, with its glorious foliage and crisp weather, draws visitors to the SHS from near and far. Some stop by to learn more about a particular historical site. Others show up in search of clues about their long lost ancestors and to fill in the details of their family tree. During one such visit last month, Bonnie Patton Moon met with our staff, volunteers, and, because she had the foresight to reach out to us ahead of time, her long lost relative, Lisa Forsberg. Her story, chronicled here on her blog, is a testament why we do what we do and the value of local historical societies.

Bonnie’s story warmed the hearts of many at the SHS. Providing useful and relevant information to researchers is something we love to do. However, we often have people stop by unexpectedly and this makes for an uncomfortable situation, as we may not have the time, in the moment, to adequately assist our excited visitors. To all those wishing to gather genealogical or other information at the SHS, contacting us well in advance of a visit is highly recommended. Our volunteers and staff are collectively a wealth of knowledge, but individually hold specific areas of expertise and have limited availability. Calling ahead helps us make the most of our visitors time, and sometimes, as in the case of Bonnie Patton Moon, a valuable family connection.

(Written by Katina Fontes)

1 thought on “Why we do what we do…”

  1. Thank you Sudbury Historical Society for doing all that you do. It was a very special day for me meeting all of you, learning more about the Garfield family and of course meeting my Cousin Lisa.


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